John Susman


Susman has been catching, processing, selling, marketing and mostly eating seafood professionally for the past 30 years. Having worked across all aspects of the industry from catcher to cook to critic, Susman is well placed to work with every stakeholder in the supply chain to dream up the best way to get their catch to market and the best products into the best restaurants. As founder of the legendary Flying Squid Brothers, Australia’s first truly vertically integrated catching and processing seafood business, Susman has maintained a close love affair with all things wet, cold, smelly and slimy. As a seafood judge, commentator and author, Susman released the Australian Fish and Seafood Cookbook with a group of fishy chums in 2016, to critical acclaim.  As a sitting board member of the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, Susman is across the latest trends in fisheries and with a network of best-in-class catchers, distributors and cooks of seafood. Favourite Fish – anything that swims (except whale and dolphin).


Maya “Puggie” Puglisi

Kinkawooka Shellfish Account Manager

Maya Puglisi is the daughter of a 5th generation Italian fisherman. The Puglisi family were pioneers of the South Australian mussel industry and there isn’t much that Puggie doesn’t know about the growing, harvesting, processing, cooking and enjoying of mussels. When she’s not promoting, thinking about or eating mussels, Puggie can often be found performing aerials on the lip of a monster wave or in the downward dog position getting her chakras in shape. Between listening to the latest post punk, neo hip hop, grunge band she has found in the inner suburbs, Puggie is a keen cook, with a passion for the food of her Mediterranean heritage. Favourite seafood – Mussels (DOH!)


Nikki Landa

Communications & Events

Nikki has worked in Communications and events in the arts, wine and food arenas for over 20 years. She has worked for major arts institutions (Opera Australia) as well as wine distributors, wine journalists and PR agencies. Her favourite of part of her job is ‘getting all the right stuff and all the right people in the right place at the right time’.  Some might say that her highly developed and efficient organisational skills lean towards the bossy side. No-one yet has the courage to say it to her face. Favourite seafood – scampi


Tania Wunderlich


Tania, the Fishtales Sales supremo lives in the coastal town of Coffs Harbour, is married to one of the most manic amateur fishermen on the planet and has the patience of Mary Magdalena. With a deep and long history of working in sales, logistics and marketing, Tania runs the Fishtales sales team with a unique degree of discipline and understanding. Tania is Mrs. Efficiency and is determined to make sure the customer comes first. A dab cook herself, she is often to be found cleaning and cooking her husband’s weekend catch. As a result she is a knowledgeable and reliable source of information on how to prepare and cook not only Fishtales’ seafood but of the hundreds of species to found throughout the estuaries and waterways of Eastern Australia. Favourite Fish – Northern Rivers Mudcrab




Di Thomson


New Product Development Di Thomson has been the go-to chef at Fishtales since Jonah was a boy. With a culinary pedigree that includes some of the best restaurants in Sydney, Di has spent plenty of time amongst seafood, as a chef/presenter at the Sydney Seafood School, Chef Consultant to a range of industry and government seafood agencies and of course on a range of Fishtales projects. There isn’t much that Di doesn’t know about seafood and she is happy to tell you. With a chef partner and chef mates across the food industry, Di’s life is all about food. Di can look at a seafood and instantly identify the best way to handle, prepare and cook it. She is the tongue of Fishtales. Favourite Seafood – Sashimi anything


Will Truong

Design & Communications

Will Troung is an accomplished designer whose skills are well beyond the pencil and crayon. Will has an innate love of food which is beautifully rendered in his work, both conceptual and visual. His print and electronic media skills are honed to a clear food focus. Fishtales is part of a portfolio of premium food clients Will services through his Foodie Design business. Favourite Seafood – Wild King Prawns.


Rob Locke

Photography, Videography & Communications

Rob Locke has the eye of a bloke who is absolutely in love with all things food. His knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the best in food is reflected in his sharp images and beautiful, clean messaging. His consumer insights are based on countless hours of roaming markets, food stores and restaurants, listening to, watching and eating with fellow food professionals and aficionados. Favourite Seafood – The Whole roasted King George Whiting at No.1 bent Street


Kirrily La Rosa

Retail Merchandising & Promotions

Kirrily is a chef with a rare knowledge and appreciation for seafood. With years of experience working at the Sydney Seafood School and through her time spent in kitchens, photographic and TV studios, Kirrily has the eye and ability to deliver clear promotional and merchandising concepts, specific to seafood. Managing the Fishtales consumer interface projects, Kirrily keeps the message simple, clean and real. Favourite Seafood – Plank Roasted Mount Cook Alpine Salmon