Pacific Reef North Queensland Cobia

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Ayr, Far North Queensland


Located at Alva Beach near the town of Ayr in Far North Queensland, the Pacific Reef Fishery is remote and pristine.. The farm is made up of 68 ponds which are fed by the warm waters of the Coral Sea, adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, an ideal environment for Cobia.

Cobia, are a pelagic fish species endemic to the tropical waters of Far North Queensland and is being farmed in a unique joint venture between Pacific Reef Fisheries, farmers of The Royal Sydney Show’s most awarded tiger prawn and the Queensland Department of Primary Industry.

The fish are harvested at roughly one and half years of age, weighing on average 5-7kg.

Using the traditional Japanese Iki Jime technique, the Cobia are killed quickly and humanely, retaining the integrity of the fish flesh, culinary quality and shelf life.

Culinary Aspects

With a clean, sweet flesh and a firm grain, The North Queensland Cobia is suited to a wide range of culinary preparations. From Sashimi to roasting, grilling, steaming and even fried or poached, the Cobia retains its moisture.

The thick layer or fat under the skin of the Cobia makes it an ideal fish for crispy skin preparations.

Cobia can tolerate subtle or robust flavor pairings; it will retain a mild flavor and clean aftertaste Unique to the Pacific Reef North Queensland Cobia, the concept of “nose to scale” eating is alive with this fish. The liver of the fish is a culinary delicacy, similar to the famed Monk Fish liver.


Certified Sustainable under The Australian Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999


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